Maria Astleithner-Fusseis, Massage Therapist


My early interest in bodywork got focused when I completed my apprenticeship training as a Massage Therapist in 1994, and subsequently worked in different therapeutic institutions in Austria and Germany, mostly offering Massage Therapy alongside with Reflexoloy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. In 2004, my interest in the moving body and its 
connection to the mind as well as my love of working with people brought me to the Netherlands, where I completed a Master in Dance Movement  Psychotherapy and worked as a therapist for the Dutch mental health service for 5 years.

My approach to bodywork is holistic. I am aware of the whole person and the link between body and mind. As a therapist, I have experienced that working on a bodily level not only improves muscular-skeletal issues but also influences mental well-being, reducing stress, depression and anxiety. I consider massage also as a way to reconnect body and mind.

Beside working as a massage therapist I run courses in mindful movement and dance, body-awareness and relaxation. I enjoy my busy live as a mother of two young children. I practice yoga and swim regularly, enjoy nature and love to dance and sing to express myself. A healthy balanced lifestyle is important to me.

I hold diplomas in Massage Therapy from Scotland (2018) and Austria (2000, 1994).

I am also trained in :

  • Kinetic Chain Release (Scotland, 2018) 
    Shiatsu (Austria, 2000)

  • Reflexology (Austria, 1999)

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Austria, 1995).

I further hold qualifications in Integrative Dance Education, as a Somatic Movement Coach, and in Movement Analysis.

I am a member of the Scottish Massage Therapist 
Organisation (SMTO) and the Dutch Association for Dance Movement Therapy (FVB, NVDAT).