Robyn Theobald, Birth and Postnatal Doula

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I have been a doula since 2007 and really love my work. What a huge privilege it is being asked to accompany a woman at such an intimate time as bringing her baby into the world. Or being invited into her home to lend a hand in those precious early days as she gets to know her baby and adjusts to the transition into motherhood.

Sometimes my role is a practical one, offering another pair of hands wherever they are needed during or after the birth. Sometimes I'm a sounding board, someone to talk things through with during pregnancy and leading up to the birth. A place to express fears or anxieties or get clear about their choices. Someone to encourage and boost confidence in a woman's instincts and intuition around birth and mothering.

I have been lucky enough to support the arrival of first babies, second babies, women on their own or with partners, from a wide range of nationalities, in hospital, the birth centre or at home. In the post natal period I have helped families out with first babies, twins, siblings and pets. The dog does still need walking even though they have become low down on the list of priorities!

Becoming a doula seemed like a natural progression after qualifying as a homeopath from The Lakeland College in 2003. I treated plenty of toddlers and children in my early years, but wanted to work more closely with pregnant women and babies. A friend asked me to be with her when she had her first baby and this gave me the prompt I needed to attend Michel Odent's doula course. Homeopathy feels like the perfect match for my work as a doula. Having something safe and effective to be able to suggest for pregnant women and their babies is a huge bonus. I know it's not for everyone and that's fine too!

Qualifications and Training

  • Lakeland College of Homeopathy (Graduated in 2003)

  • One-year Postgraduate Training at the Integrative College (2003)

  • Paramana Doula Course - Michel Odent (2007)

  • Optimal Foetal Positioning - Jean Sutton (2007)

  • Biological nurturing - a new approach to breastfeeding - Suzanne Colson (2008)

  • Birth and technology - Jo Murphy Lawless (2008)

  • Post term pregnancy, what do we know? - Sara Wickham (2008)

  • Safety and Logic of Physiological Birth - Sarah Buckley (2011)

  • Da a Luz - Midwives Rock! (2011)

  • Breech birth - Joy Horner (2012)

  • You can do it! - Nicky Leap (2012)

  • Two-year Birth Educators Course (Completed in 2013)

  • I have also been lucky enough to attend lectures from Ina May Gaskin, Denis Walsh, Sheila Kitzinger, Mavis Kirkham, Jane Evans, Becky Reed, Beverley Beech, Cathy Warwick and many more. My thanks to them all for their wisdom and inspiration.

I have my own business, Edinburgh Doulas: