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Yin Yoga

Whether you are very active and need a bit of “yin” practice in your life or you are looking to release tension and relax, our Edinburgh Yin Yoga is perfect for you! Suitable for all levels - you will make changes from the inside out.

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What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga works on the deeper “yin” tissues, such as ligaments, joints, connective tissue and bones. Poses in Yin Yoga are held between three and five minutes to target the deeper tissues. Relaxing into each pose, will enable you to find stillness of the breath and of the mind, becoming more aware of what goes on in your body and mind.

Who will benefit?

Yin Yoga is deep, slow and supportive and will help you reach complete and full relaxation. It is suitable for total beginners and experienced yogis.

Classes are limited to 8 people, ensuring a friendly group and enabling us to tailor the session to your individual needs.

These classes are run by Esther.


Upcoming Weekend Workshops:  

  • 6-7.30pm on 1st September

  • 6.30-8pm on 6th October

  • 6 - 7.30pm on on 3rd November

  • 6-7.30pm on on 1st December


£15 /1.5 hour workshop 

Esther’s Yin yoga class is highly recommended. She creates ease and an atmosphere of welcome and deep rest in each posture.
— Sarena Wolfaard