Relax & Breathe Birthing (Hypnobirthing) Downloads: Nature's Journey Guided Meditation & Calm Birth Affirmations

Relax & Breathe Birthing (Hypnobirthing) Downloads: Nature's Journey Guided Meditation & Calm Birth Affirmations


Your breath is a powerful and natural resource for you to harness during childbirth. Enjoy practicing these gentle breathing exercise and guided visualisations during pregnancy to help you prepare for birth.

Our guided meditations are read by Independent Midwife, Jenny Patterson to a relaxing background of ‘Warm Heart’ by Silencio Music.

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Nature’s Journey (28.55mins) is our main hypnobirthing script. Enjoy this guided visualisation during pregnancy to relax, remove anxiety, and to help enable a calm, empowered birth experience for you and your baby. By practicing relaxing during pregnancy you will be helping to train your mind and body to relax on cue to certain things, such as listening to this guided meditation. Hypnobirthing harnesses the power of the mind in order to allow you to deeply relax during birth by boosting your positive hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, which help to progress childbirth. This beautiful and relaxing script is also a wonderful way to switch off busy minds during pregnancy and ease sleepless nights. An ideal time to listen to this script would be last thing at night, cosy in bed, just before you fall asleep or when you just wake up in the morning (on the loud speaker so your baby can hear it too).

Calm Birth Affirmations (13.25 mins) are a series of short, positive statements, linked to our Relax & Breathe Birthing guided meditations, that will help you achieve a positive mindset during pregnancy and empower you through the birth of your baby. You can listen to these positive mantras daily when you are going about your daily business - walking the dog, driving the car, travelling on the bus etc.

Awakening the Senses (8.44mins) is a short visualisation to will help you learn to awaken the senses and practice deep relaxation through self-hypnosis. For every thought there is a responding physiological response in the body. This guided visualisation takes you to a place in nature where all your senses are awakened - sight, touch, sound, smell, taste. This is an ideal visualisation to enjoy if you are new to using self-hypnosis for deep relaxation and wish to discover the power of the mind. You can enjoy this guided meditation as often as you like to practice awakening your senses and deepening your practice.